Teachings from Krishna Das Session in the Old Temple

When we harshly judge others, notice how our anger, outrage, hatred, fear, is really not any different an energy than those who we judge. Really we are fundamentally no better than those we judge. We may have had a more fortunate karma, life circumstances than those we judge, but really we face similar challenges and issues. So, can we have compassion and empathy for those we would tend to judge, and simply make the clear choices, and decisions to move forward with clarity, compassion, and grace.

Is it possible to stay in unconditional love, just as the sun shines on everyone equally, regardless of their temperament. Can we be in love with everyone…

Can we be in a space where we can receive divine grace and faith, along with the truth of our divine perfection, as love and divine light.[vertical-spacer]
Krishna Das Session

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