Words shared to support a dear client/student. And now, for all others needing to receive…
[columns-container style=”font-size:13px”][one-fourth-first]How can it be, living together
For so long
And yet barely knowing
Each other anymore
How, why is it so

Forever such a deep dark
Unmentionable secret
Weighing us down
Not so much heavy
More like an ominous
Dark cloud
The sun just avoiding us
[/one-fourth-first] [one-fourth]Today shared our feelings
A relief, feeling together
But, knowing the truth of
Being together for convenience
No longer connecting, caring

And then the tears rushing out
Carrying the deep painful despair
The emptiness, unbearable aching
[/one-fourth] [one-fourth]So do we honor and respect
Not to mention love
Each other

Could we pause, slow down, and
Once more really be
Completely right here
With each other
For each other
Right now, feeling what arises
Without ideas of how each other
Ought to be
[/one-fourth] [one-fourth]What our togetherness should be
Or perhaps it might be
Two people really taking time to
Listen, sharing this journey
Together, yet alone

Giving each other
Space to be
Space to be alone
In this space together
In love, in presence, in caring
Is this possible
[/one-fourth] [/columns-container]

Love to you ❤️


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