Flow of Grace from Krishna Das Q and A 2/2017 Yoga Retreat

Our very feelings of separation lead us back home to our connection
Until there is no awareness of separation

There is no Guru outside of you. Look within. Find that spiritual perfection

Give yourself space to be who you are in each moment

We become all that which we wish to support, so pay attention, returning again and again to this moment

Staying in spiritual practice brings us back to this awareness

Learning to let things go, to be without the habitual conditioned judgment, inspires that inner longing, pushing us towards truth
It is often through chanting practice, where this seed is planted

Remember that each action, thought, has karmic consequence, so stay aware, stay awake

Know that all changes, emotions, thoughts, physical issues, and it is impossible to hold on, to cling to anything, so let go in each moment

Chanting takes us deeper, beyond the self, of judgment of limitation, self-loathing programs

Where thought created programs are reprogrammed, and new neuropathways are created, profoundly transforming.

Keep breathing for change. Be in the moment. Stay present. Notice expectation, judgment.

Spiritual practice is an opening to this way of being, seeing, living

So grateful for these truths to again remember. Thanks to Krishna Das, and all the revealing questions ?
[vertical-spacer] Krishna Das Session

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