Event Calendar

Hi, Dear Friends
I hope that you are navigating these uncertain, yet amazingly transformational times, with grace
I wanted to let you know my All Love Sekhem Teacher and founder of this way of working with the loving energy, Patrick Zeigler, offers weekly All Love Zooms
These groups are profoundly healing and awakening
I will generally be present as a support teacher to offer help via chat messaging should you need it, if you decided to attend
They are three hours long and cost $20
The groups carry lots of energy because so many are there opening their hearts
Please let me know if you are interested in joining
If you are on FB, you can friend me, and see all the information there!
I will be hosting Patrick for a 5-day zoom all love global retreat. Nov 3-7. 7-10pm
It will be deeply healing and transformational
I am including an additional message below about the retreat
Hope you can join us.  ❤
I will also be offering a Facebook Live into the Facebook Group Earth Elders and the Galactic Fire, Sunday, Oct 18, 4:30- 6:30 pm
This will be deeply healing, and awakening, using guided meditation, live vibrational sounds, and music
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