[one-fourth-first style=”letter-spacing: -0.2px; font-size:14px;”]Beauty, love, wholeness,
Always right here, yet
I so yearn to cling to them

And it is in this very
Longing, wanting, grasping
That they elude me

Now, just the aching
Empty, unbearable longing
Filling me completely

Long deep breath
Letting go, trusting, surrendering
A leaving, an opening, completion

Now, lost in the splendor
Of a moment’s beauty
Through timeless time

The wonder, ephemeral magic
Of this totally unknowable
Being here now

Overflowing with
Waves of love, tears of gratitude
Flow of pure grace
[/one-fourth-first] [three-fourths]awakening[/three-fourths]

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