Our Healing Journey

It is significant to ask what we have learned from experiencing a particular challenge or struggle, what the lessons are, how we became stronger, because our soul is going through all the stories, drama, of suffering, in order to learn, and advance.

There is a very good reason why a particular challenge is called in, so after a clearing and transformation, the healing is reinforced and strengthened if we ask ourselves, preferably in a meditative state, what have we learned, and this greatly deepens the healing, and heightens our awareness of the bigger picture, taking us out of our smaller self centered drama.

We then witness Spirit amplify this lesson, download it, or strongly infuse it into our being, without the need to go back into the same suffering story, or self defeating drama, reinforcing departing from repeating the pain pattern over and over and over again, needlessly.

An example of a lesson might be, I’ve learned I can’t really control other’s reactions, or any particular outcome, that it’s unneeded stress to go there.

I’m learning to go let go, go with the flow, and trust, or I am learning patience and trusting in divine timing, or whatever virtue or wisdom comes to you as you reflect on your healing journey.

It is valuable to journal your words sharing your new insights, learnings, and strengths gained from the healing journey.

These learnings are complete for the moment, yet always deepen through time.

It’s so valuable to witness Spirit download the lessons, without the need to again experience the same pattern of suffering.

By all means, allow yourself to feel the old pain, as needed, but at a certain point, you can ask yourself if going back to the same pain is really necessary, or for your highest good, because like anything it can become a self sabotaging habit…

We are used to certain patterns, even though they may be painful.

We have a choice, to drown in our misery, or choose freedom, and a new way of being, of living in a higher vibration.

It is a choice.

Notice that in your life, when you come to that juncture, and decide to choose a path of wallowing in the old suffering, or the path of light, awareness, and freedom.

It is powerful when we see the choice, and choose the higher road.

We then deviate from the old patterns, and rewrite our destiny, so to speak.

Halleluia… ?
Much love and light

Adapted from a letter shared with a client

our healing journey
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