Song and Wings of Light

[columns-container style=”font-size:18px;”][one-half-first]Shuffling wearily home, bags in hand
Sonorous bird calls inspire me
Glorious red toned bird alit
On a wire spread above
Bearing bright news from his tribe

Know that our winged legions carry forth
These wise and light filled truths
Let all receive as they may
We share timeless seeds of wisdom
How it is to live in light

With our kind, and all the Earth
To strike the balance as needed
Letting go what no longer serves
In any way, for how else could we
Possibly be blessed with gift of flight

Including only what is needed
Exceeding this renders us flightess
For us a fate of death in body, in spirit
Our free flowing clarion call and song
Springs from knowing which tones to sing
[/one-half-first] [one-half]Nothing more, nothing less, arising
From all our being, passionately shared
Songs of beauty, of glory, of peace beyond peace
Deep love and compassion, songs unknown
Spiraling out of silence, light, God

And to Source, light, and silence return
Mystery and Grace deeply touching
Hearts and Souls of all who know
How it is to truly listen to listen
No one listening, nothing heard

Only song singing
Knowing falls away
Only, what is it… beauty whispering
Filling the air, the Universe
In the light of pure presence

Pure grace
Pure Love
In the light
Of Bliss
[/one-half] [/columns-container]

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