Love Blessing

Is it possible
To be in the space of love

Can we see
How our shocking challenges,
Beyond anyone’s wildest dreams,
Invite a necessary time of growth,
Massive awakening, for all of us?

There is no choice but to shift……..
It rocks us to our core,
Inspires intense questioning,
Deep clarification of who we are,
What we truly want,
Where we are going,
And how we remain
In highest integrity,
Always in alignment,
With love, compassion, and forgiveness
For ourselves, and the others,
Knowing we are really all human beings in the end,
Making our way through life as best we can,
Given our Karma
Given the circumstances

Please forgive me, I’m sorry, I love you, I thank you,
A powerful Hawaiian spiritual healing,
May be repeated as mantra, serving as a
Spiritual eraser, deleting heavy energy
Allowing us to realize, our oneness
Our truth as light, as love

Infinite love, gratitude,
Deep peace, and healing light to
All beings everywhere
In these intense times
As we  arise,
From the conflagration,
Like the Phoenix,
Whole and purified

May all beings everywhere
Have peace, love,
Ease, clarity,
And know again, their true
Divine connection

Namaste    ❤
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