[one-fourth-first style=”font-size:15px;”]Your first day of school
My little one
Is it really

Oh, but weren’t
You just but
A spark of light

A seedling within,
And then, clearly
You were really coming

And just yesterday
For the first time
You melted into my arms

And we were
One again
Just the beauty,
Just the love

Learning how to love
To let go, to love
Let go
[/one-fourth-first] [one-fourth style=”font-size:15px;”]And now
Letting go again
As you move on

In grace
To the unknown

That opens
Space to
Be with

What this next
Magical moment offers
Go, my beloved

And lovingly savor
Your new passage
On this journey

Of infinite
Possibility of
Being, opening

[/one-fourth] [two-fourths][/two-fourths]

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