[one-third-first style=”font-size:18px;”]Now your
Worst nightmare
Appears to be reality
Now totally out of

Your comfort zone
No way out, trapped
And one has nothing
To do but be with it all

Living hell, yet not
Deeming it so, knowing
The labeling makes it so
So not knowing this

Queasy uneasiness
Not knowing the despair
The eternal damnation
Letting go blaming
[/one-third-first] [one-third style=”font-size:18px;”]Letting go condemnation
Feeling, being, allowing
Space to plunge the mystery
In one’s very core

Now suddenly seeing
In spaciousness
Open listening
Now stepping back

Infinite space
For the other to be
In their truth
Something dropping

Away, and then again
We are one
Walls fall away
Letting go letting go

Surrender into Loveheart[/one-third] [one-third][/one-third]

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