Shining Out Our Light

Sharing blessings of love, joy, and deep peace
After our profoundly healing All Love Facilitator’s Class

Shining Our Light Out

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All Love Spiritual Healing

All Love Spiritual Healing Retreat, June 2017
Burke Virginia with Patrick Zeigler

All Love June 2017All Love is a profound heart opening journey that leads us home to our sacred loving essence. We become deeply in touch with, and honor our truth, in the moment, be it laughter, joy, anger, sadness, fear, shame, guilt, peace, whatever is arising, as a significant part of our journey.

Our All Love experience includes the possibility of deep peace, love, freedom, expanded awareness and consciousness, along with an essential in touchness with any long suppressed anger, fear, or sadness, needing to surface, be known, embraced, understood, and ultimately transformed.
In this deepening process, our heart opens, and we again awaken to a blissful, knowing of our loving oneness with all beings everywhere. Our whole being vibrates with an aliveness, compassion, unity, and wisdom that deeply touches the hearts of those around us, inspiring their own profound connection with their spiritual truth.

I am so deeply grateful that the All Love Spiritual Healing energy always knows what it is that we need for our deepest healing and awakening. This has shown itself to be true for private sessions, and group healing experiences, and I never cease to be amazed at the depth of healing and states of enlightenment that arise.

I feel so very blessed and profoundly grateful to have All Love as such an important part of my own spiritual healing and awakening journey. I am especially grateful to Patrick Zeigler for introducing me to this beautiful heart opening energy.

He first received his profound All Love awakening in the Great Pyramid of Giza, in Egypt, many years ago. Patrick dedicates his life to holding the space for All Love Spiritual Healing groups across the globe. My experiences in his large group All Love journeys have been among my most significant healing and awakening experiences. I really look forward to Patrick’s All Love Spiritual Healing Retreat coming up in Burke, Virginia, June 2017, and hope many people will have the opportunity to share in this truly life transforming journey. We now have a very flexible schedule format that adapts to various time schedules. Of course, the longer you are in the energy the deeper your healing and spiritual unfolding. If possible, we encourage you to experience the entire retreat, and certainly as much of it as possible. There is currently an Earlybird Discount going on until the end of April. Also for out of towners, signing up early, there is limited low cost accommodation available.

Please check my Reston-Reiki-and-Self-Healing-Arts or All-Love Virginia fb pages or message me for details. Or just check here on my events on my website.

Hope you can join us in June…

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Spring’s Grace

The blessing of this Redbud branch
Brings bright cheer and hope
To a downcast spirit

Its steadily unfolding buds
Inspire a renewal of resolve
To again walk this path of light

And embrace the fresh immediacy
Of each moment of this life
With gratitude and fond affection

Springs Grace
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Cloud Light

Evanescent clouds
Infinite, varied
Come and go

Ever present
Beyond the clouds
Shines the sun

Offering radiant form
Glowing substance
To ever changing sky

Its brilliance
Reveals the gift
Of this precious

Sacred moment
Stirring my soul
Awakening my heart

As never before
Cardinal’s steady song
Takes me even deeper

Now, only vast,
Endless love
Only love

clouds light

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The Grace of Light

When we open ourselves to the light
We see it has always been there

And are again amazed, at this very moment,
At the shining radiance that we are

Always have been, and always will be
A true gift to come home again,

And again, and again
To the infinite light and love

That we are

Grace of Light
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A Gift of All Love Healing

Beautiful flowers that graced the space
Of our All Love Healing Meditation Journey

In Bayshore New York
Such a joy and honor to share

All Love Spiritual Healing with Long Island
Deep gratitude for this blessing

gift of all love healing
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Diosa Diana, beautiful free spirit
Teacher of sharing love, master of receiving love
Thank you, dear one, for all your profound teachings

So grateful for our paths crossing in this precious life
Will you ever really know how I love you
I love you, I love you, I love you

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Before the Snow

Violet blue bells
Catch dappled
Sun streams

Proud of their
Glorious center
Stage lighting

Yet reluctant
To parade their
Seasonal glory

How will their
Beauty withstand
The storm to come?

Robins sing their
Clarion call
Squirrels scamper

Quite content with
The wonder of this
Fresh, crisp moment

Before the snow
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All Love

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Grace of the Moment

Glowing radiant orchid
I am utterly lost
I try my best

To follow spiraling
Delicate petals
Cascading onto

Each other
Cascading everywhere
Cascading nowhere

Taking me deeper
And deeper into
Glorious, shining

Now, there is a
Softening inside

And all around
A letting go

And then,
There is
Only love

grace of the Moment
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