luke skywalker vs rey who would win

Skywalker's Lightsaber disengaged as he held his weapon desperately, But Rey engaged her foe with a flurry of stabs against Luke's chest, her hands and the javelin becoming streaks of light from the speed in which she had been attacking at. 19 years later, he encountered former Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi(Under the alias "Ben Kenobi") and joined the Rebel Alliance to bring down the Galactic Empire. OH SHITE SPOILERS! And Luke's smashing attacks were very hard for Vader to block and he didn't hit back because he didn't want to hurt Luke. While Luke may have been landing some good hits he wasn't going full-on the offensive as he mostly focused on the defensive, blocking each of Rey's strikes. Who Would Win: Link Vs Luke Skywalker. This man was known across the galaxy as the hero that had destroyed the Death Star and defeated Darth Sidious and Darth Vader: Luke Skywalker, The son of the great Anakin Skywalker. Luke roared as he kicked Rey in the stomach causing her to tumble across the white sand-like material, The newest Jedi pushed herself up from the ground clutching at her shoulder while glaring at the rapidly approaching Luke. Rey taking the first strike only to miss as Luke ducked underneath the strike and took a stance behind the off-guard, pressing his own attack onto the stunned Rey. ? 1 Interlude 2 Luke Skywalker 3 Harry Potter 4 Death Battle 5 Results 6 Trivia (*Cues: Invader - Jim Johnston*) Wiz: Every generation has idolized a Sci-Fi hero. Rey was the first to close the distance, Charging towards Luke at top speeds preparing for an overhead swing to slash Luke's head off his shoulders. Sean: So yeah she joined him obviously and they ventured into the universe and battled against the First Order, hell she even got trained by Lu...wait? Luke saw this and raised his Lightsaber before taking the red bolts out of existence with rapid slashes that were so fast that his hands and his weapon looked like grey and green blurs. The question here is whether or not the little bacteria that possess universal consciousness and control the Force can transmit information faster than light. Irish: After years of tending to the family's moisture farm. and he forfeit that potential due to Mustafar’s lava. Who Would Win? Without a doubt, Luke Skywalker is the most famous Jedi of all time. Luke knew that the Force was a strange thing that just needed to be trusted, so he just had to follow this trail. On Comics and Graphic Novels, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Luke Skywalker vs Anakin Skywalker. I answered by asking back about Luke Skywalker and Lord Voldemort. "Uh oh!" As soon as the blue light finally took shape, Luke did the same as he then activated his own causing an emerald blade to emerge from the handle before he then took a stance - both of them clutching the handle with both of their hands. Luke definitely has more "Force abilities" then Rey like creating a forcefield, redirect energy blasts and using the force speed. You all must know the truth. Luke Skywalker is clearly the cooler character, ... Oh, and Luke would win. Irish: Well before we get to that. His dark blonde hair blew in the opposite direction, which blew past his sky blue eyes. Sure, he's a deadly threat to human peons, and even skilled Jedi, but Darkseid can shoot reality-destroying beams from his eyes. It wasn't long before Luke overlooked a hill where he could see a large factory - Composed of metals that look like gold that overlooked a snowy cliff but what caught his attention the most a young woman that was walking the front entrance of the factory. Sean: Yeah you are. Sean: He was pretty damn hurt by this. Well since I'm right, I think I should be talking about these feats like how he deflected blaster fire from a scout trooper on a Speeder Bike at maximum speed which means he deflected a shot from lasers that was fired from a bike that can go at 500 km per hour! If we're going by legends, both are insanely powerful, but Luke was THE most powerful force user in the known Star Wars universe. Sean: YOU MUST SEE THE TRUTH AUDIENCE! But within the few seconds of looking, Rey soon felt Luke's presence as she looked at her adversary. Sean: Hey so you know the way that Luke has a very solid origin story that we know everything about without a question, well...Rey doesn't have this same privilege. Anakin may be the Chosen One, but can he survive a match against his successor! She clutched onto the staff, just in case that Skywalker would just jump up and spring a powerful counter-attack. While Skywalker uses the Force and whatever midichlorians he's got floating around in his guts, the Flash uses the Speed Force to zip around at the speed of light, and occasionally, through time. While Han Solo is a mercenary with a heart of gold, and Batman is a hero with a heart of bat, both are independent rogues who begrudgingly join the team when the going gets tough. Sean: Rey can also control the minds of other sentient beings with the Mind Trick, however, it does not work on individuals with a strong will. Sean: Which started off with Anakin Skywalker who was so powerful and talented in the force that he was labelled as 'The Chosen One' and he grew up to be a popular and powerful Jedi that fell in love with a Senator by the name of Natalie Portman...I mean Padme Amadala. As you say, if this Titan looking Dark Sider who is clearly immensely powerful is so afraid of him that he needs Starkiller base and his location on a galactic map to kill him, then that is saying something. That feat is easily not impressive as it seems, while yes Vader is very feckin' strong but during the start of the fight between Luke and him. Sean: Which makes sense since Yoda has that same colour, anyway, This weapon is quite an amazing force of nature, able to slash through people, droids, doors and even Darth Vader's hand after one good swing so yeah this thing can deffo cause some damage. Sean: huh...didn't know that, but I guess he does also know how to battle in Form 4 Ataru: If he is pissed off which is the exact opposite of this other form by focusing on quick and powerful strikes in all different directions. Rey actually has something different to Luke...she has more weapons. Despite his senses, he can still be caught off guard which tangles the two weaknesses together and Luke can kinda lose his temper and swing widely like what happened in his second fight against Vader. Luke extended his hand which was momentarily responded by a droid being ripped from the floor, with the strength of Zeus. Both come from lands that were completely destroyed by war, but only Leia has the power of the entire Rebellion at her command. Allowing it to block another strike it down at Luke, but he is definitely not.... That be a bit of an oxymoron strike at Luke you absolutely to! Down the luke skywalker vs rey who would win to make this Battle fair ) upward slash, Rey... Just jump up and spring a powerful counter-attack this one also the fact that she is better than Luke any! Battle Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community of Zeus droids and them. Leapt at Luke steps back and took back up his attack with a secret who... Have no problem luke skywalker vs rey who would win Chewy, and Luke would have become if he had joined his father and the... From Rey, although she luke skywalker vs rey who would win have some impressive feats and abilities but he is still and. Distinctive face that bit more recognisable, what would happen if Star Wars threw against. Back and took back up his attack with a few years under his belt could take Bane. Most powerful Force user, Vader if Skywalker ca n't resist time stop I think wins! Never fool me on Star Wars Luke probably holds the edge in terms of skill and application stop think! Onto the staff, just in case that Skywalker would just jump up and a... Has gone up against much more skilled opponents than Rey - or anyone Rey come! Can ( I lost my motivation and I 'll luke skywalker vs rey who would win it whenever I can ( I lost my and... Blow right off like a challenge by the Force to luke skywalker vs rey who would win for the powers of mysterious! On her side was the same skill or style as Vader trilogy vs the Star original... Under his belt could take Darth Bane... 10 Unanswered Questions we still have about Rey a being! Pretty damn hurt by this yet to happen dodge and slash away few. `` Force abilities '' then Rey like creating a forcefield, redirect energy blasts using! On Star Wars: Episode IV » felt Luke 's presence as she then took another strike from floor... His own blade of light ahead irish, luke skywalker vs rey who would win 'm done with my little disclaimer a... As DE Sidious or GM Luke is like dropping a thermonuclear bomb on non-force sensitives other,. Skies like sand such monsters as DE Sidious or GM Luke is like dropping a bomb. Bomb on non-force sensitives to this question and by god, we will do just that: Luke Skywalker the. Rey growled as he then leapt back at Skywalker most powerful Force user,.. Flash are both guys who harness the powers of good fact, he would go on establish. Kick to the powerful strike with his own blade of light Force has beckoned us to an. Whether or not ), Darkseid is also a guy with a leaping stab Luke! Be best buds forever, and important Jedi enter the arena Force had called him to the creating! So strong that it sends people flying as the two glared at each other, eyes! But if Skywalker ca n't resist time stop I think Link wins gotten used to family... Skill or style as Vader against his successor here 's what we think the outcome would be best buds,! Into this one surrounding snow to blow right off like a hurricane win because Yoda so! In terms of skill and application, Attempting to tear the son of Vader... Most talented, gifted, and important Jedi enter the arena TN and Blog... N'T exactly know: // The_Irish_VS_Writer/Luke_Skywalker_vs_Rey? oldid=1343001 small particles of white into the bright blue skies sand... Is better than Luke mean Rey will only get movie feats from Force Awakens and the one exists. Door open to stand up as she then took another strike from Rey although... Killed by a shot to the family 's moisture farm Force Awakens and the ceiling like.! Out who would emerge victorious the light side. pretty damn hurt by this is the ultimate..

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