[columns-container style=”font-size:16px;”][one-third-first]A true teacher
Opens space
For our learning

A true teacher
May not make
Things easy

For us at times
At the right time
Words that seem

Unkind or harsh
Plunge us deep into
Wondering, even despair
[/one-third-first] [one-third]And a portal of possibility
Arises, a shining space
Of a new way of being

It is always our choice
To take that leap
Embracing the unknown

Even those who appear
To be cruel, without heart
Inspire profound teachings

Of unconditional love, forgiveness
Letting go, freedom
Creating our own reality
[/one-third] [one-third]Deep gratitude for
All those teachers in my life
Who have taught me

I can return home to my
Truth anytime I might
Begin to get lost

Entering that portal
Of possibility
Deeper and deeper

All the time
Knowing this loving light
Filling the universe
[/one-third] [/columns-container]

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