Support to a loved one – Healing Unfolding

[one-half-first] So it is important to know that everything
Coming up in our life happens in the end
For a reason
This reason may not be apparent at the time
Of distress, of discomfort
But comes in a flash, when it does
Turns our whole being upside, down
Flips our perspective completely
Expanding into broader, wholer ways of seeing
Of being in this life
In a more balanced, aware, conscious, state of being

So, for you, perhaps an awareness that what we put
Into us really impacts us, to be present with it all
And since all of our aspects, physical, emotional
Mental, spiritual are interconnected
You can now move out into knowing
That reality as truth, and now live it

So naturally the mental emotional stress
Component enters in, and we can create
Other ways of integrating those challenges
By higher states of awareness of issues
Permission to feel, express the emotions
Opening space for their transformation
Meditative practice, exercise, being in nature
Creative, passionate activity, alone time
The list is endless
[/one-half-first] [one-half] Really, awareness of balance in all ways
Is key, and we increasingly see how we
Create our reality in all ways
Naturally moving into this
conscious cocreation
Cocreation is what happens as we flow
More and more in alignment with that
Universal awareness, intimate intouchness
Supporting a graceful unfolding of our life
And fulfillment of our souls mission,
Our true purpose at any point of our journey
Once we flow with that underlying cosmic current
Very little can impede a smooth journey
Our being present and in touch is the key to
To this graceful unfolding

So now with your new awareness, there is a portal
Opening into this new expanded consciousness
The delicate interplay of all aspects of your energy
A universal truth, in family, work, nature, world affairs
Being present in the light of the moment is key
Allowing some quiet moments to open to it
So it can be seen how all so called challenges
Are an integral part of our souls learning, for
Our journey of enlightenment, a fulfillment of
Our highest potential, all that we can be, even more

My own journey has included a similar stomach sensitivity
As well as breathing issues, on the physical level
So I understand, and really it is your expanded awareness
In all levels of your being, intouchness,
An unfolding wisdom
That is the healing, and evolving
Then there is no further need for the symptoms
They gradually fade away
And there remains just love,
A deep connection to it all
All struggle falls away[/one-half] [columns-container class=””][/columns-container]

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