Sacred Teardrop Blessings

Sacred Teardrop Blessings

Heavy hot sultry air
Puffy cotton clouds, swirling
Sudden darkness, rumbling
Overhead, as sky abruptly
Opens, warm downpour

Drenches hot parched earth
Casting translucent water veil
Over trees, gardens, homes
Dog walkers, annoyed runners
Crossing the pathway

Finally home, continuing
To enjoy cascading
Relief, release, purity
Calming rhythmic melody
In a seeming moment’s time

All quiets, sun streams down
Birds resume
Lighthearted song of grace
Cheering on
Reluctant sun

Walking in clearing, fresh
Cooler, misty air
Sacred crystalline teardrop blessing
Soft peachy blooms, green leaves
Struck now, by magnificence

Vast stillness, silence
Deep peace, light, joy
Endless love spilling
From the heart
That wants

Nothing in return
Absolutely nothing
Heart opens, opens, opens
Shining in the glory
Of this precious moment

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