Reflections on Freedom

Does it matter at all what anyone thinks about us. Isn’t how they judge us really about them, and not so much about us.

We simply need to do what we are guided to do. Can we let go of attachment to other’s judgments, something we cannot control. Let go of the need to please, or be perfect, or be a “good” person…

Is it possible to simply be in touch with the right decision, independent of fears of what people will think of us.

Can we let go of over interpreting, over analyzing words, responses etc, that recreate old drama and stories of suffering. Can we clear to neutral, drop those stories.

Does it really matter one bit what others think of us. That changes from one moment to the next anyway. Can this be seen and the suffering we are recreating, and then can we drop it.

In the seeing is the letting go, the possibility for peace, for freedom, for love. This is where world peace starts, right here. Right now, in each one of us.

Don’t we all know how to do this. Can we do it now. Can we let go of the same old stories of suffering. Can we see how we can create a life of peace, love, freedom, or bondage and misery. It is completely our choice.

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