Possibility of Light

[columns-container style=”font-size: 18px”] [one-half-first]Can we see, let go of
Negative self talk, thought

Now, framing our life with
Hope, possibility, gratitude

And be in awareness of our
Alignment with our inherent light,
Our true nature, as things shift
Can we remember all is energy,
Always changing
And when we notice heavier, denser
Lower vibrational energies settling in

Can we recondition ourselves to call in
A higher vibrational energy for transformation,
Shifting the situation, experience
So now, allowing that which is beyond us
To guide our thought and action
Can this be simple, straightforward,
Can it be truth
Can it be so

[/one-half-first] [one-half]Can we move out of this painful separate way
Of being and seeing
Knowing and holding space for our challenges
To offer us opportunity to connect more
Directly with Source
Moving into a space
Of disengaging from our story, our drama

Can we be in a witness state
Letting go of being the victim
Connecting again to the light
Of the highest good
With faith, trust, surrendering to the knowing

That all the support and guidance are there
As we once again open to receive
That which is beyond us
Embraces us
And is the truth of who
We really are

[/one-half] [/columns-container]

possibility of light


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