Is this possible

Is this possible

Allowing space, allowing time
Feeling deeply, the rage, the hatred, the grief
The despair, the fear, the dread, the guilt
The devastation, the separation
Totally, completely

Breathing them through
Breathing them through
Breathing them through

Allowing the possibility of

Noticing, receiving the love, the light
The surrendering, the trust that
All is as it needs to be at this moment
Even amidst, uncertainty, ambiguity
Not knowing, conditioned expectation

The possibility of the relief of

Being with what is here, in clarity
In higher vision, embracing it all
In the fullness, wholeness, and love
That is who we are
That is our true home

Is it then possible

That as the energy of love, trust, faith
Spaciousness, once more fills
Our inner and outer being
A deep healing and awakening of
Consciousness, touches all those around us
Touches all

Is it at all possible then

That love brings deep healing and light to all
Transforming not only our inner
But outer reality as well
Isn’t it worth a try?
What is there to lose?
Is there really a choice?

Three nice long slow deep breaths

Bringing in the possibility
Bringing in the possibility
Bringing in the possibility
healing is possible

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