Healing Presence, Presents

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Today my healing room was graced by
Kailie, and her mom, Fiona
Who immersed themselves in the healing energies
Of their private healing time, or no time

They deeply relaxed in the “Healing House”
Kailie and her mom created out of colored cloths,
Crystals, angel cards, and their strong presence
Kailie reflected on all the areas of her life

She wished to heal, and they were offered to the Universe
In their magical “House of Healing”, supported by
Crystals, color, Angel cards, imagery, sound vibrations,
Frankincense, light energy, song, and our presence

Opening up the healing space,
Strongly setting the healing in motion
So grateful for all the beautiful blessings
Shared today

And to Kailie and Fiona for opening up
That magical space of healing
And sharing all the light and love
With all beings everywhere, because we are one
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