Grace of This Moment

[columns-container class=””][one-fourth-first]Is it possible
We are not an innocent victim
But due to old conditioning
We choose to stay in
The same old painful story
Perpetuating our suffering

Is it possible
To transcend the old story
See the whole picture
Allow forgiveness to enter
And even compassion for
The one, who “hurt” us

Is it possible
There are infinite ways
To view a situation
And really none of them are right
And none of them, wrong
This all falls away[/one-fourth-first] [one-fourth]Is it possible
To see, live life,
From another angle
Never before considered
Where unseen beauty
Is now unveiled

Is it possible
To be here in
The eternal present
The unfathomable
Unknowable Now
Entering into a sacred portal

Of infinite light, endless love[/one-fourth] [two-fourths][/two-fourths] [/columns-container]

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