June 16-17, 2018 – Energetic Well Being Process: Essentials Workshop

Reston Reiki and Self Healing Arts Presents:
Energetic Well Being Process:
Essentials Workshop
June 16, 17,  2018, 11:00am- 7:00pm

Hi Everyone,

Please consider this extremely healing, and highly transformational event, and learn to hold the space for yourself, loved ones, and clients with this enlightening system of Chinese Spiritual Healing.

Reviewing this class, if already experienced, adds light years of understanding, deepens proficiency of skills, and further allows you to receive more highly significant clearing and transformation. I reviewed this class myself, and highly recommend this.

This class begins  Saturday, Dec 7th, and there is still space open. Please register soon if you plan to join this profound spiritual healing journey. I am really looking forward to our collective journey.

Love and Light, Karuna Joy

About the Workshop
Energetic Well Being Process is an amazing, highly accessible energy healing process that simply clears the root causes of our symptoms on all levels. We learn how to live our lives with peace and joy, without the drama and reaction. EWBP is a highly effective energy healing perspective that arose out of a perspective of traditional Chinese Energy Healing. Join our Essentials Workshop, and find out how easy it is for us to return again, and again, to our natural state, of kindness, wellness, freedom, vitality, joy, peace, love, and clarity. The Energetic Well Being Process strongly supports ourselves, loved ones, friends, and clients, on our collective healing journey.
“Energetic Well Being Process Essentials Workshop with Karuna was Amazing! It helped me to understand many underlying problems from my childhood that I was not aware of. It helped me to look at healing from a new perspective. I highly recommend this class!”
– FG, Reston, Va

“I enjoyed the Energetic Well Being Process Essentials Workshop immensely. Karuna really opened a safe, trusting space for our healing, and the facilitating of others’ healing.

I am very happy with the immediate witnessing of energy shifts. I Iove the freedom and infinite possibilities for application, and use of these tools.”
 – AL, Fairfax, Va
Hope to see you there!
Schedule and Cost
Saturday, June 16Sunday, June 17
11:00 am- 7:00 pm
Reston, Virginia
Cost- $400Please pay on Paypal from website, if possible
(“Pay Now” button at the bottom of the page at 
RestonReikiandSelfHealingArts.com).*Returning students pay $200. Deepen your understanding, skills, and receive the amazing clearings!
**Postdated check payment plans accepted, and scholarships available

Contact Karuna Joy at (703)-472-3481
Or email: KarunaJoy1@gmail.com

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