Description of session work in response to new client inquiry

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We can certainly limit her first experience to the tapping although there may be other possibilities that may flow out of the tapping that would really deepen her experience. Or I may feel guided to open the session, after our initial conversation with some sound healing, or guided visualization, that inspires me. This following of the client’s energy has evoked some very profound healing outcomes.

I can say that in all of my session work and teaching, the client’s healing results from a very strong spiritual connection being restored, strengthening their energy in all ways, as transformation of energies no longer serving them, into a lighter brighter energy, manifesting in peace, openness, love, self love, joy, and other higher vibrational states of being, occur.

My website offers a comprehensive description of all of the possibilities of healing that may arise in a session. The spontaneity and openness to follow the client’s energy and trust this opportunity completely has been a much appreciated, and highly efficient gift of my sessions. The synergy of all energies working together is highly significant. For a child, or even adult, this may include spontaneous artwork, singing, movement, creating stories, poetry. So, limiting the session to one modality, may limit her optimal healing possible, although I will certainly honor any request you make.

Everyone who comes has a total trust in whatever comes up in their session, and so is totally open, and receives a very profound healing. This applies to all ages of children, and adults, as well as even pets… In spiritual energy healing, it is difficult to capture in words the accurate description. It is much like asking someone how to describe an awakening experience they may have had. It is much like that. Our entire being, on all levels, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, has an opportunity to open up, and we thrive in all ways.
If possible, let her know this healing will be much more effective if she comes on her own, as another being present can greatly affect the outcome of the session, especially since your energies are so interwoven.

Before I forget, if there is a doll, or stuffed animal, she connects with, she could bring it along, although being a bit older, she may not have them in her life so much. But she still may…

I hope that this helps explain my work and particular gift of integrating infinite healing possibilities within a session for the desired healing outcome.

You probably saw on the site that I also offer bodywork sessions, as our issues can be healed through any of the levels, our physical body holding trauma, issues on the cellular level…

Much love and gratitude, karunaJoy

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