Deep Silence at Dusk

Families communing, following
Sweet neighborhood gathering
Joyful chatter, screeching, laughter

Whiff of barbecue smoke
Evoking precious times gone by
With loved ones, no longer here

Feeling them again, touches my heart
Deep love and gratitude
For having joined together in this life

Sharing the journey, mastering
That which needed refining
Such relief at seeing that old story

No longer needing to be lived
A story, now dropped,
Opening way to inner peace,

Freedom, and new life
Infinite possibility of seeing,
Being, walking this path of light

Leading us on and on and on
The land at dusk holds the space
For peace, letting go, and being

Cardinals, Robins, Sparrows
Break open my heart,
With endless song

If I could, if I only could
I’d sit or lie, and listen forever
To their beauty, their breathtaking song

That song from their tiny
Bird throats and souls
Messengers of grace, revealing cosmic

Truth of what it is to love
Now the song softens, hushes
As shadows lengthen, and

The day comes to rest
And in the silence
Of this moment

In the vibrant, alive fullness
Of emptiness of sound, movement
Is a bit more to let go of

Now, just the joy, lightness of heart
Wonder of this moment
Each moment, each breath

And endless gratitude
Coming home, coming home,
coming home

Yet one more time

Deep Silence at Dusk

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